Eden Sustainability & Agricultural Sciences

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Eden Sustainability and Agricultural Sciences encompasses the outdoor education values integrated K4-12 at Landmark Christian School. This intentional placed-based, experiential, and outdoor adventure education programming is meant to teach our graduates the traits of effective leadership. It spans curricular integration across all grades at Landmark Christian School using six purposefully designed outdoor spaces. Students engage in collaborative teamwork exercises, experiential adventure-oriented leadership training, environmental place-based learning, planting cultivated gardens, and purposing school-wide sustainability initiatives within those spaces. 

Ultimately, Eden is the implemented plan for growing students who are equipped for any challenge with the knowledge that when the storms of life come their way, our students will be able to rise above (Isaiah 40:31) as concerned and educated Christian citizens who are ready to make an impact in the world for Jesus Christ. 

“Leadership is the capacity to move others towards goals shared with you, with a focus and competency they would not achieve on their own.” – John Graham, Outdoor Leadership

Mrs. Ann Marie Brezina, Director of Eden Sustainability and Agricultural Sciences Programs.


At Landmark Christian School, we offer a K4-12 integration of outdoor education, seeking to engage students who would be stewards of the Earth, believing this is a God-ordained responsibility to care for the gift of this world and enjoy the benefits of Creation. (Genesis 1:26-28.)

As a part of our emphasis on stewardship, the Eden program integrates within the school-day curriculum to bring our students to our outdoor campus garden locations, where they learn how to grow food sustainably. They will also explore how the world that God created should operate in a sustainable-integrated ecosystem as they discover how plants and trees exist to nurture all other life on earth. Furthermore, initiatives for practicing sustainability will be encouraged through on-campus awareness projects to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials that we use daily through classroom involvement, community projects, clubs, and more. We have multiple programs at all K4-12 levels.

Outdoor Discovery

The outdoor classroom allows students hands-on opportunities to apply the concepts they learn in a traditional indoor classroom setting. Whether students are building a birdhouse for blue jays or learning concepts about environmental science by measuring the PH balance of the soil, Eden is our school-wide initiative to look for opportunities to get our students learning and moving outdoors. Here is what we know about the benefits of outdoor learning–outdoor learning:

  • calms anxieties,
  • boosts resilience,
  • engages problem-solving,
  • reduces the symptoms of ADHD, 
  • offers the opportunity for experiential learning, involves more senses in the learning process, and cements the learning.

Adventure Leadership

Adventure is about experiencing some sort of risk that ensures students are pushed from comfort zones to cognitively inherit new leadership character traits they instill towards future pursuits to help build healthy communities. This risk is always used in positive learning situations and spurred by the desire that we equip our students to be leaders. At Landmark, Eden will have dedicated time for students and families to embark on adventures together throughout the school year, learning about teamwork, perseverance, trust, and other core Christian values centered around our intentional LEAD initiative. Intention will be spent on place-based education as we encounter nature hands-on through adventure. We will build community and have a great time together on these adventures! The adventure programming includes opportunities for students and families to go on all sorts of different adventures, including, but not limited to:

  • white water rafting,
  • climbing,
  • canoeing,
  • kayaking,
  • exploring,
  • and many more.

Whether students are attending summer “Quest” or “Venture” camps or families are participating in the quarterly Family Fun Days, we work to infuse opportunities for adventure. Even our Impact Leadership in high school will incorporate various adventure explorations finding new places to discover as leadership skills are emphasized. Our Eden programming partners with Impact Leadership as students move through our 4LIFE Nature School progression. Once students are in high school they are in the Community phase of 4LIFE Nature School.

John Muir once stated: “Of all the paths in life you take, make sure a few of them are dirt.”


We know our nation’s children are struggling with mental illness and screen addiction–and we know that one of the great antidotes is to get our students outdoors and off screens–talking with one another in meaningful ways.

We want them to make memories, experience their learning with all their senses, and be transformed in the process. We believe that relational, experiential learning such as is offered in our Eden Sustainability program will do just that–and is a reflection of the life the Lord intended for us–one lived in community, enjoying the good gifts of His creation.

LCS SOAR Programs

Learn more about 4Life Nature School – our K4-12 gardening lessons integrated into the school curriculum.

Some examples of our other Eden Program Activities

  • Family Fun Days -Adventure day trips open exclusively to Landmark families
  • Outdoor Learning Spaces – environmental education extensions to classrooms
  • Impact Adventure Integration – ropes courses, team building, trips, etc. Green Team- MS Environmental Club
  • Stewards Leadership Team – HS Green Team
  • Environmental Science Principles and AP Environmental Science Courses
  • Smile Shed and LPA Pollinator Projects
  • Summer Adventure Camps



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