Financial Aid

Alumni Discount

We want to continue to invest in our alumni through their children’s education at Landmark. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount per student to the children of our graduates. What a blessing it is to have our alumni return home with the next generation who will impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Multi-Student Family Discount

Landmark awards all families with three or more children who attend our school a 10% multi-student discount beginning with the third (or more) child enrolled. If three or more children are registered at one time, the discount applies to the youngest child(ren).

Need-Based Aid

Need-based financial aid is awarded on a limited basis as a part of the overall admissions process. The application for admission and the application for financial aid are independent processes but run simultaneously. We utilize the online service of Blackbaud Financial Aid Management (BB FAM) to process applications.  BB FAM charges an application fee of $45; the fee is $55 if you own your own business. Families will be asked to submit an application to BB FAM, and these results – along with your tax documents, are used to determine financial aid awards. To clarify, BB FAM does not determine whether funds will be awarded, rather BB FAM provides a need-based financial analysis that includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition.  You must upload the requested tax documents immediately upon notification from  BB FAM to prevent your financial aid application from being delayed.  They will not complete the application without the documents.  Results are reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee who make recommendations to the Head of School based on next year’s budget. Upon approval by the Head of School, financial aid offers are communicated to families. 

Georgia GOAL Scholarships

GOAL Scholarships are available to families who qualify for this funding.  To qualify for GOAL, you must first go through Landmark’s financial aid process.  Once the school receives your financial analysis, they will be able to determine if you qualify for GOAL funds.  Your student must be coming from a public school system in the state of Georgia or they must be homeschooled.  If you are interested in GOAL, you can email the Financial Aid Office at [email protected].  GOAL Scholarships are awarded based on availability of funds that are received at the school by the redirection of state taxes to GOAL (our School Scholarship Organization-SSO).  To determine your eligibility for GOAL funds, please read GOAL’s guidelines on household income and scholarship amounts. 


If you have questions regarding financial aid, please contact DeeDee Grindle, Director of Human Resources and Financial Aid at 770-692-6762 or email [email protected]

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