A Landmark education is rich, relevant, and rewarding.

rich education is one that is deep and meaningful. It is holistic in nature, taking seriously the assertion that all truth comes from God. It is flavorful, cultivating within students a love of truth, goodness, and beauty. It provides depth of thought, moving students towards becoming confident problem-solvers and innovators. It allows students to to think deeply about their own thinking while engaging the diversity of thought that comes through collaboration and being part of a vibrant learning community.

relevant education is one that is useful to students moving forward in life. It entails learning practical skill sets that are transferable to broad domains. It provides students with memorable and engaging experiences, within which they develop agency and ownership regarding their education. It’s an education through which they can take pride in their investment of time and energy towards the creation of real, tangible products as artifacts of learning. It’s learning for life, through which students identify, refine, and become better equipped to steward their gifts and talents with excellence, pursuing the unique calling for which God has created them.

rewarding education is one that draws the learner towards Christ. While preparing students for continuing education and future careers, it constantly keeps the larger perspective in view. It desires the greater reward of the kingdom. It chooses character over comfort. It recognizes that the greatest gain is through giving, the greatest honor through humility, and the greatest success is through service.

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