Performing Arts

Performing Arts are creative activities that are meant to take place in front of an audience! Students in these programs learn the craft itself as well as the nuances needed to bring a performance to life. Our Performing Arts programs include:

Elementary Music

At Landmark, we try to foster a deep appreciation and foundation for music among our elementary students. Recognizing music as a divine gift, we explore its significance in the Bible and its power to enrich our lives and worship God. Our music room serves as a vibrant space where students engage with music through movement, singing, and instrument playing. Following the National Standards for Music Education, we introduce students to music fundamentals while exposing them to the works of great composers and diverse musical styles. With a special emphasis on music’s role in our nation’s history, we celebrate events like our annual Veterans Day program. In fourth grade, students learn to play the soprano recorder through the acclaimed “Recorder Karate” program, preparing them for future participation in our chorus and band, which further nurture their musical talents and passion.


Our band program offers students to choose from a diverse range of instruments, allowing them to explore their musical passions. In middle school, band members are divided into sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade bands, which come together for special events like concerts and pep rallies. They showcase their talent at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, and they also have the exciting opportunity to perform in the Pep Band during home football games. The middle school band has achieved impressive ratings of “excellent” in various competitions and festivals, demonstrating their dedication and skill. Occasionally, extra rehearsals may be required to prepare for these events, highlighting the students’ commitment.

As students transition to high school, they continue to expand their knowledge of music theory and enhance their playing skills. The high school band members participate in the Christmas and Spring Concerts, making significant contributions to the school’s vibrant music scene. They are encouraged to be part of the Pep Band unless they are involved in varsity football or varsity cheerleading. The high school band has received well-deserved accolades, earning awards of both “excellent” and “superior” in previous competitions. While prior training on an instrument for four years is advantageous, it is not a prerequisite for joining the high school band. Students are also encouraged to seek private instruction to further develop their talents. Additionally, they have the opportunity to audition for the prestigious GMEA All-State Band.

Throughout their band experience, students in both middle and high school develop not only their technical skills but also their artistic expression. They learn the value of discipline and teamwork through ensemble rehearsals and captivating performances. It fosters a profound love for music that resonates throughout their lives, providing them with a lifelong appreciation for the power of music.



At Landmark, our comprehensive music program offers middle school students the opportunity to participate in band and chorus. It encourages them to explore different areas of music and develop their skills. From sixth grade through eighth grade, students can engage in band and chorus classes, gaining experience in reading sheet music, sight singing, and improvisation. Our middle school choirs showcase their talents in captivating performances, consistently earning Superior ratings at music festivals while our band students develop their instrumental skills and ensemble playing abilities. This integrated approach to music education encourages well-rounded musicianship and fosters a deeper appreciation for the art of performance.

Our high school chorus program builds upon this foundation, focusing on advanced music theory, sight reading, choral techniques, and vocal production. Students expand their repertoire and refine their musicianship. They perform in various concerts throughout the year, including the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and Cabaret Night. Our high school chorus consistently excels in competitions and festivals, with many students selected for the prestigious All-State Chorus.

Landmark’s chorus program provides a seamless musical journey. Through a strong emphasis on vocal development, music theory, and performance opportunities, we inspire students to reach their full musical potential, fostering a lifelong love for choral music.



Students can explore their creative talents and embrace the transformative power of movement in Landmark’s School of Dance. Our vibrant program offers a diverse curriculum for middle and high school students, including ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance styles. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students develop strength, grace, and self-expression while learning proper technique and the choreographic process. 

From elementary classes focusing on creative movement, rhythm, and coordination, to middle school classes tailored to individual skill levels, and high school classes with leveled progression, we provide a comprehensive dance education for students of all ages. Our curriculum integrates dance history, teaching students about the origins of different styles and the influential figures who shaped them.As a performance-based program, we encourage students to showcase their talents in end-of-semester showcases, where they perform beautifully choreographed works. 

With an emphasis on inclusivity, confidence, and artistry, we provide a nurturing environment for each student to discover and develop their unique gifts and talents. The Landmark School of Dance is committed to fostering a love for dance and supporting students in their artistic journey, with exciting opportunities on the horizon as our program continues to grow.


At Landmark, our dynamic theatre program brings the magic of the stage to life, captivating both high school and middle school students. Whether they aspire to become professional actors or simply want to conquer their stage fright, we provide exceptional opportunities for all. Our intern program offers scholarships for aspiring technical directors and stage managers, nurturing their talents and paving the way for future success.

Designed to cater to students of all levels, the Theatre Program at Landmark aims to deepen their appreciation and understanding of the theatrical process while encouraging them to explore their own acting abilities. Through engaging workshops and rehearsals, students delve into the captivating world of drama, storytelling, and character development. They acquire essential acting techniques, cultivate stage presence, and master the art of connecting with an audience.

From timeless classics to contemporary productions, our students take center stage, bringing stories to life with unwavering passion, authenticity, and a natural flair for the dramatic. Within our positive and Christ-like environment, the Theatre program provides enriching experiences that foster communication skills, boost confidence, and nurture creative expression. At Landmark, the stage becomes a gateway to personal growth and an unforgettable journey of self-discovery.


Beyond the Classroom

Landmark goes beyond the classroom with our curriculum, to bring the opportunity to each student to continue to develop skills and a love for learning. In performing arts, we offer an selection of activities. 


"Luminescence, the top middle school vocal group of Landmark Christian School, shines its light for God through vocal music by using its combined talent to sing a variety of musical styles and genres at a high level of excellence." - Stephen West


Chamber Singers is an auditioned ensemble of 12-16 members that showcases the school’s top vocal musicians. The Chamber Singers primarily perform advanced a cappella vocal literature in multiple styles, genres, and languages. They perform several times each year at school, and community concerts, and special events. Prior to auditioning for Chamber singers, a student must have completed one year of high school Chorale.

Chamber Singers and Chorale both offer Christmas and Spring concerts and travel each year to participate in major music festivals held in cities such as Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Vienna, Austria, as well as Florence and Verona, Italy.  Landmark consistently receives Superior ratings.  Many of our high school choral students are accepted into GMEA All-State Chorus each year.

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