Landmark Academy of the Arts

Landmark Academy of The Arts is a collection of self-directed “Pathways” within the Academy Scholars Program specifically designed by the Department of Arts to meet the artistic needs of our students. The Academy of Arts is for the student who has a passion to learn and grow in a particular artform above and beyond what is learned in the classroom. 

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Film Production Pathway

Part of the Landmark Academy of the Arts, the Film Pathway is led by Billy Dickson ASC, who has over forty years of industry experience, including producing Ally McBeal, One Tree Hill, Believe, and many other television series and movies. Twice, Dickson’s work with Ally McBeal was nominated for an Emmy. At Landmark, students in the film academy complete two years of consecutive film courses, culminating in work in the advanced courses where students are collaborating as a team on festival-length films. 
The independent study work that students accrue is earned through taking on independent projects for the school and community, with a completed portfolio of self-directed creative work showcasing the students’ ability to film, edit, and produce. The capstone project for the student occurs at the Landmark Film Festival where parents, students, school faculty, and Landmark community are invited to view the student portfolios.

Commercial Music Pathway

As part of the Landmark Academy of the Arts, the Commercial Music Pathway is a series of courses that trains students in the complex world of collaborative songwriting and music production. Through studying well-written music, students will learn to apply well-established songwriting principles to communicate a theme well. Learning how to share ideas to their group and navigate compromise between differing visions of their art is a cornerstone of our interactive project-based learning environment. Production from various genres and time periods will inform students decisions with their own music. Music copyright, licensing, contracts, mixing, mastering, time feel, and music theory from a songwriting perspective will all be discussed.
Students fulfill their independent study requirement through required weekly private lessons in either their instrument or in music production using Pro Tools, the industry standard for engineering in the music business. Their class capstone project is a portfolio of songs in which they have written, performed, produced, and engineered. This portfolio is released to all digital streaming platforms under the name LCS Blackbox Production. This music is also entered into a music library through our partners in Los Angeles with the potential to be licensed for film/TV, earning students’ royalties on their art. Artist showcases at the end of the year, highlight the talent of these budding musicians and giving them live performance experience writing charts and working with musicians and sound professionals.

Fashion Design Pathway

As part of the Landmark Academy of the Arts, the Fashion Design Pathway teaches students foundational design, sewing, and business skills to help students develop their own online portfolios, market their fashion lines, and introduce students to various careers in the fashion industry. 

Students can earn their independent study hours through participating in internships, freelance skills, applications for client needs, retailing their designs, or their capstone collection-making process. The capstone project is a collection of 10-12 looks designed and made by each student, accompanied by their portfolio for the creation of the collection. Their collections will be showcased in a yearly Landmark Fashion Show.

Visual Arts Pathway

As part of the Landmark Academy of the Arts, the Visual Arts Pathway prepares students for a concentration in areas that include sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, digital, or a blended selection. Students begin producing a body of work rooted in knowledge and practice gained in foundational classes. Collaborative discussions between students and mentoring faculty launch the student into an artistic study fueled by the student’s passions, curiosity, and media interests.

Students earn independent study hours in the studio outside of class,  off-site hands-on learning experiences, museum or gallery excursions, and documented personal studio time. The approved students’ capstone experience culminates in a collaborative show in our Black Box Theater with family and friends celebrating in true art-opening style.

Performing Arts Pathway

As part of the Landmark Academy of the Arts, the Performing Arts Pathway prepares students for a concentration in areas that include Acting/Theatre, Dance, Instrumental Music, Music Theatre, Vocal Music, or a combined concentration. This independent study program is for students looking to expand upon their core arts classes and take a deeper, more individualized dive into the subject area that the student is passionate about.  

Students will work directly with the faculty in their chosen area to design and build a pathway of independent study including private lessons, research, statewide competitions, internships, required auditions, advanced music theory, repertoire portfolio, and so much more. The approved students’ “Capstone Project” culminates in a live public performance/presentation for faculty, family, friends, and fellow performing arts pathway candidates.

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