Purpose: Why do we exist?


Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ.


To partner with Christian families by equipping college bound students to embrace a Christ-centered worldview, grow as servant leaders, and steward God's unique purpose for their lives.


Truth, Excellence, Service, Diversity, Community

Core Strategy: How do we do this?

We Do This By

Connecting students with life-changing mentors, resources, and opportunities.

Being A Community That Is

Hungry - Building the best incubator for Christian leaders.

Humble - Embodying a service-oriented culture.

Healthy - Ensuring a safe and nurturing environment.

Honorable - Following operational and financial best practices.

Sharing The Commitment To

Provide a world-class education in an authentically Christ-centered environment.

Immediate Priorities: What's important now?

Shared Challenge

To build the foundation for mission delivery for the next decade and beyond.

Our path

We will accomplish this by recruiting and retaining a world-class team, offering high-quality distinctive opportunities, and building a purposeful physical environment.

Strategic Bets

Invest in...

  1. Attracting and Retaining Talent.
  2. Ensuring Next-Gen Academic Excellence.
  3. Serving the Whole Student.
  4. Strengthening Community.
  5. Enhancing the Physical Setting.

Areas of Focus: What will move the needle?


Intentional Recruitment - Proactively position ourselves as an employer of choice.

Competitive Compensation - Compensate our faculty at or above market rates.

Healthy Environment - Care for the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of our team.

Clear Communication and Expectations - Ensure everyone is pointed in the same direction.

Meaningful Work - Provide opportunities for growth, leadership, and engaging talents.

Belonging - Build opportunities for everyone to be engaged in community together.


High Quality Preparation for College - Provide a core academic program that equips a broad range of students for success at a broad range of colleges.

Distinctive Opportunities to Unlock Potential - Provide programming that allows students to extend beyond core studies both in breadth and depth in order to fully pursue the gifts God has given them.

Preparation for Impact - Nurture both implicit culture and intentional programming designed to equip students to lead themselves and others by extending influence through excellence.

Treating Students as People - Balance all of the above within an environment that recognizes student needs for time, space, rest, and community.


Stewarding What We Have - Ensuring that required facilities maintenance and upkeep is provided in the operational budget.

Building Future Facilities - Building new spaces to support excellence in programming.